Abralarm Wear Detection System

Plant and equipment failure due to unexpected leaks or discharge of materials within manufacturing, process and utility industries can lead to many problems such as:

  • Discharge of product to atmosphere
  • Contamination of the surrounding area & equipment
  • Loss of product
  • Unscheduled operational downtime
  • Unscheduled costs associated with access & repair
  • Potential hazard to personnel
  • Potential environmental issues 

Kingfisher's AbrAlarm system eliminats such unforseen issues, by incorpoarting a wear resistant lining systems to protect process plant and equipment and enhance its service longevity. by using the AbrAlarm wear detection system to indicate when the existing lining system installed in the plant and equipment has worn or is perforated

Kingfisher have in excess of 30 years experience in combating the effects of plant degradation caused by the conveyance, storage or processing of bulk solids materials in a hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic state of conveyance. Utilizing this experience gained along with technically proven protection systems, we can improve the performance of equipment that ensures that our customers can focus on operational up time in the knowledge that equipment is built to last.

AbrAlarm comprises of a low voltage electrical indicator that is integrated between the lining system and steel casing which when severed will display a fault signal when the lining has worn through 

Abralarm Wear Detection System