Market Sectors

At Kingfisher we believe that the benefit of being active in so many diverse industries allows us to offer improvements to other industries where we have had successes through continual development. In many ways the process industry is very similar however, where a particular part of the process is classed as critical and where enhancing that operation’s performance will bring significant returns, having the confidence to offer a proven system in terms of design, manufacture and protection of that critical operation, albeit in a different industry, gives all parties concerned the confidence to invest in a replacement or modified piece of equipment.

Because Kingfisher fundamentally offers a solution to a problem by identifying its causes and eliminating its effects, our service reputation - with quality, cost and delivery being the measured KPIs - continues to grow in every sector we serve.

The many market sectors listed here demonstrate where the Kingfisher approach has proved successful and ranges from the manufacture of a simple lined pipe to the provision of a turnkey materials handling package within the cement industry.