Kingfisher’s activities within the wood processing industry seemingly increase year on year. With the current trend towards the use of biomass as a substitute for fossil fuels within the power generation sector, then the wood industry has come under extensive pressure to use a greater percentage of recycled product. Blending this material with traditional lumber now accounts for the vast majority of finished goods produced. Despite the industry suffering from an amount of plant degradation due to contamination of lumber whilst being felled and handled, the problem of wear protection has become a major issue of late due to the influx of recycled product introduced into the process.

Kingfisher have been pioneering the use of wear resistant lining systems within the industry for many years. Having had substantial success throughout all areas of the plant, we feel confident of offering a system that will considerably extend the  service life of process plant and equipment. Success can only be achieved by having a thorough understanding of the process in order to offer the solution to the problem, and through our activities whilst working with both the end user and OEM’s, we believe our interaction has saved the industry thousands if not millions of pounds worth of expenditure associated with replacement equipment.

From the planning phase of new plants to the  modification of existing processing equipment, we can add significant value by advising on design criteria, manufacturing methods and most importantly protection, leading to increased plant availability and a greater return on investment with the knowledge that the asset value isn’t wearing away as fast as it used to!.


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