Despite the apathy towards power generation, users still expect the lights to flicker on when they hit the switch. Yet regardless of the need, there is a continued resistance towards agreeing what the future energy policy is going to consist of. This lack of policy could lead to producers planning for today in order to meet present needs and await the outcome of future policy direction. However, despite uncertainty, the industry is committed to enhancing and maintaining existing infrastructure and the planning and execution of new generation capacity.

The need to improve environmental performance drives a lot of existing enhancements within stations that in many cases are operating in excess of their planned lifespan. Having undertaken constant improvements both to the process and the treatment of omissions, existing plants are reaching a plateau as many operate as efficiently as possible having implemented the latest technologies the industry has introduced. Kingfisher has contributed to this process by introducing technological advancements which have had a significant improvement on efficiencies.

Whilst undertaking our traditional activities on the both the coal & ash and the combustion plant, we can relate to the problems engineers face, giving us the opportunity to identify the possible solutions to the many issues that are prevalent within the industry today. Solutions such as achieving mass flow in coal transfer chutes and mill feed bunkers ensuring correct flow rates feeding the pulverising mills, the introduction of improved fuel milling capacity and finesse along with the correct distribution of both fuel to air ratios within single or twin outlet classifiers to name but a few.

With the need for reliable efficient equipment, we have lead the way in introducing new materials to combat the abrasive effects of both coal and ash, and are continually increasing the warranties periods offered based on the length of success our systems have been operating in within the industry. We aim to continue improving what we offer the industry and feel confident that our portfolio of services will continue to grow and assist power utilities in meeting its key performance targets.


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