Using ceramic technology to combat the problems of handling abrasive materials has served industry very well for many years and continues to evolve to this day. From simple cast products introduced in the early 20th century to state-of-the-art sintered components used in today’s innovative mechanical sector, the percentage of market share that ceramic now enjoys, continues to grow year on year.

Despite this proven success, there is still doubt in some instances whether ceramic can outperform steel by a significant factor with regard to wear life expectancy. Many industries that once had this perspective are now benefiting from investment in technology that previously would never have been considered.

Like all materials, ceramic can have a positive and a negative impact, and correctly identifying all operating criteria before it use is vital to ensure a return on investment.

Our Ceramic range of materials include High Alumina, Fused Cast Basalt, Monolithic Ceramic, Silicone Carbide, Fully Vitrified and Fused Corundrum.

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