We're always there whenever you want

Whether planned into the operational regime or unplanned due to plant failures or lack of demand, industry’s needs vary from day to day and ultimately have to be taken in hand. Planning a shutdown has the benefit of being able to itemise work content, establish costs associated with replacement, repair or upgrade and identify the resources necessary to manage this additional activity. This proactive response will ensure that costs and downtime are kept to a minimum and establishing a professional relationship with preferred suppliers can achieve this aim.

At Kingfisher we pride ourselves on a service level that continually strives to avoid downtime costs. In consultation with experts - the people who run your operation - we can introduce effective long-term strategies to reduce the likelihood of unscheduled stoppages and create a preventive maintenance programme to incorporate a planned expenditure budget and scheduled shutdowns.

Within the UK we offer a 365 day, 24 hour assistance package, and are there when you need us. We can consult and offer possible solutions to enable you to continue your operation; alternatively we can dispatch a working party either direct to your site in order to undertake the necessary repairs or support you via a manufacturing facility centrally located within the UK.