Kingfisher provides wear-resistant solutions for steel manufacturer

Handling, storing and conveying high moisture content iron ore for manufacturing needs can be quite a challenge. One such type of iron ore is a well-known product used within the steel manufacturing industry, with natural high moisture content.

The import terminal and blending plants of a UK steel manufacturer were both experiencing major issues with the material build-up and blinding of their conveyor chutes. Plant engineers were able to identify that, as the ore escalated through the manufacturing process, the moisture content increased, leaving the material to become ‘clay’-like.

This further caused serious blockages and material build-up as the ore then sticks to other equipment throughout the process, such as conveyors, idlers and screens. Engineers onsite attempted to resolve this problem by utilizing water jets to clear existing equipment from material build-up and bridging, but it was evaluated this just added to the problem of increased moisture content thus causing more problems for manufacturing further down the line. Previously the steel producer had installed a dirt box on its existing conveyor chute, an idea adapted by the suppliers of the raw material as dirt boxes help protect against high levels of wear and abrasion, but a poor system when it comes to eliminating constant material build-up and bridging. Thus Kingfisher’s collaboration with the end-user was to primarily increase the flow promotion as well as provide a solution which would sustain the levels of wear and abrasion being experienced. Following the modifications suggested by engineers at Kingfisher, it was proposed all dirt boxes be removed, and replaced with an adjustable baffle lined with Kingfisher K-ALOX ceramic lining system. The results of a review that took place six months after installation showed that the constant bridging and material build-up issues had been eliminated.

There had, however, been an increase in wear, but this was managed by applying an increased thickness of the K-ALOX ceramic lining in the high impact areas. Kingfisher’s Sales Manager Kenny Fergie commented, “We have provided repair and maintenance solutions for the steel industry for many years. Kingfisher adds significant value to its customers’ assets, ensuring processes remain operational and on-line producing. Since the modification, the customer has confirmed they have had no blockage issues. As part of our free onsite inspection service, our engineers are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to assist customers and provide an unbiased solution, fit for their process and budgets. Kingfisher specializes in maximizing the service performance of process plant and equipment, such as transfer chutes, cyclones, hoppers, vessels and process pipework used to convey, store or process bulk solid materials within utilities, primary manufacturing and process industries.

Publish Date: 21/02/17