In meeting continual environmental challenges that appear to increase year on year, the water and waste treatment industry has to be at the forefront of implementing proven technology that ensures total compliance. Having overcome today’s challenges, the next tranche of regulation is around the corner. In meeting its obligations, the amount of investment undertaken in the industry is at unprecedented levels and far out ways capital expenditure in many other industrial processes. Along with the cost of maintaining and repairing its investment, budgets are continually reviewed in order to maximise return.

As a consequence of processing much more waste solid materials rather than disposal, the use of equipment used to process or convey solids has become more prevalent. As a consequence of this shift in policy, the industry now faces problems associated with bulk handling such as the difficulties in achieving mass flow and the greater degree of wear taking place within equipment. Kingfisher have experienced these problems for over twenty years in industries that process minerals and by-products.

In understanding the parameters of design, manufacture and protection of equipment used to process bulk solid materials, Kingfisher can incorporate an engineered system which will cater for the abrasive effects of the waste solids handled. Despite the tonnage, velocity, temperature or size of your waste streams, we have the capabilities and expertise to offer solutions that have been proven in the field. In delivering best engineering  practice, we are your partner in meeting the continual challenges that the industry faces today and tomorrow.