The face of the recycling industry appears to change daily as new recycling streams become a potential commercial opportunity for plant owners. At present, the process is evolving from small locally managed enterprises to a regional automated process where significant amounts of investments are made on plant and equipment. This transition opens up possible revenue streams but likewise depends on efficient continual operation in order to maximise earning potentials. As a combination of both machine and manual operations takes place at existing operations, new technologies are being introduced for handling, separation and collection of different streams, hence the need to preserve the investment made on the equipment is key.

Kingfisher have for many years worked upstream of the recycling industry and have a comprehensive understanding of the problems associated with handling glass, wood, plastics and metals. Relating to these problems, we can offer many solutions in managing the recycling process to cater for the characteristics of these varying products. Utilising our range of ceramic, metallic and polymer lining systems we have had success from point of receipt all the way through to despatch. In understanding the various characteristics of both the process and the media being recycled, we can support our offer with a piece of mind warranty against service life.

Our understanding of your processes and our ability to supply the industry with design, manufacture, protection and installation services compliments engineers and managers objectives in risk management. In working together the benefits of the relationship can be shared by all.


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