Massive demand for recycled paper both locally and globally is placing a huge strain on the supply chain with resources, efficiencies and investment under more pressure than ever before. From receipt of recycled materials being supplied in varying grades and qualities, the process of pulping, cleaning, separating and drying generates both corrosion and abrasion within the plant. Despite the technology being able to cater for the variants in the supply, the equipment very rarely uses materials suitable to extend the service life of equipment as in some instances this negates resupply potential for OEM’s.

Having worked in the paper industry for many years, we have identified opportunities where our involvement has given significant return to the operation. In understanding the dynamics of equipment used to process and treat the raw and recycled materials, we have introduced a range of technically superior materials that have extended the life of the components along with improving the efficiency the operation. Our success has been built on working with engineers and obtaining the facts of previous and current procedures aligned with matching our knowledge of our range of protection systems within our portfolio of solutions.

In many instances we can retrofit our solutions into the majority of applications without having to alter the structure of  design. Hydrapulpers, turbo separators, cyclones, refiners, pumps and impellers to name but a few applications have benefited from systems used to protect the internal surfaces from material degradation. However, where the need arises to modify the original equipment, our skilled design and manufacturing personnel can undertake the removal, modifications and installation of the plant ensuring total control from start to finish.