The mineral processing industry encapsulates a plethora of activities starting underground where the raw material is mined and subsequently processed before it reaches the despatch area. Throughout this process minerals may, dependant on the type of operation, be crushed, screened, washed, dried, milled, separated and blended before they are despatched as finished product. In undertaken all of those tasks the minerals will be handled in a mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic state and the conveying velocity will increase and decrease as suits the types of process being undertaking.

The one factor that is an ever constant issue facing both operational and maintenance teams is the reliability of the equipment used to undertake specific processes. Being structurally sound in terms of both design and capacity will suffice in order to undertake the process, however if the equipment is not protected against the cyclical nature of the operation, then its service life will be greatly reduced due to the amount of wear that occurs during the operation. To counter that possibility, we offer technically proven solutions catering for the known parameters of the operation by understanding the key issues that engineers identify as critical parameters.

Using our range of advanced protection systems, we will add significant value to the efficiency and reliability of the operation. By taking the time to calculate the cost versus payback ratio, plant engineers can be assured that investing in the solutions we offer gives benefits such as optimum performance and reduces the cost of unscheduled breakdown or repairs. 


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