Having to comply with constant regulatory initiatives make the task of producing both metals and profit a difficult balance regardless of the economic backdrop. This challenge will not cease as the need for ever reducing omissions levels will drive the industry, and only by compliance will operations continue to trade. In meeting these challenges the industry depends on its supplier base to support it by introducing new technology and continue improving best practice in order to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible. Complimenting technological improvements, plant engineers and managers alike have significant responsibility in the maintenance and continual investment in the plant and without their input the operation will be short lived.

Working alongside plant engineers, Kingfisher continually look to improve its level of service offered to the industry. In reviewing the current operational process and by understanding what improvements have been made and the reasons why, we believe that by identifying what causes the problem, we can offer the solution. With a vast experience in a host of industrial sectors, very rarely do we encounter a unique problem. Having that understanding and being able to reference the proposed solution to a previously undertaken successful application gives all parties concerned the confidence to invest.

From receipt of minerals at the reception head, via ship or train, we follow the product through the process in either a raw, semi of finished state through to the handling and treatment of by-products and the cleaning operations associated with omissions. Our ability to be able to relate with the engineers is second to none and by offering a package of design, manufacture, protection and installation, maintains total control through the use of own resources ensuring service, quality and value for money.