Having to manage the process of cement manufacture from the quarry to the bag involves a multitude of activities with each operation depending on the success of the previous stage. As with a chain, its operation is achieved by the strength of each link and each one contributes to the success of the collective parts. Having plant and equipment, designed, manufactured and serviced to achieve continual operation when handling various bulk solids in harsh environmental conditions is of utmost importance. As with most of today’s manufacturing plants, they have evolved into an efficient lean process that with the correct investment in protecting the capital equipment can give security of service.

As with your engineering and maintenance teams, Kingfisher follow the process from the quarry to the bagging plant. We have many years experience in solving the problems experienced with mineral excavation through to the blending of clay and chalk to the cooling and storage of clinker and finally to the milling and conveying of cement. Equipment such as front loading buckets, crushing equipment and reception hoppers have seen extended service life through the use of protection systems such as chromium carbide clad plate or manganese steel castings. A wide range of ceramic materials such as high alumina or cast basalts have been used extensively in applications where pneumatic conveyance of either clinker or cement has taken place in cyclones, separators or conveying pipework. The use of polymers to protect equipment where extreme impact prior to crushing is evident benefit from being lined with hard rubber liners and likewise the difficulties associated with the storage of coal and cement are eliminated due to the low coefficient of friction that polyethylene liners offer in assisting discharge.

In all of these cases and in many more, the cement industry can achieve significant benefits when working alongside Kingfisher. By utilising our experience to design, manufacture, protect and install process plant and equipment we are able to work alongside your engineers in being able to implement best practice throughout your plant giving you that confidence in the integrity of your fixed assets.


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