Despite what appears to be the total opposite to hard materials encountering the abrasive effect of solids handling, polymers offer a retrospective position.

With polymers such as rubber having the ability to absorb the shock of impact and repel the subsequent force, the detrimental effect of compression does not take place. With other polymer types such as polyethylene with its very low coefficient of friction that encourages the material to glide over it as opposed to scouring the surface, the effects of friction or sliding induced abrasion are reduced.

Polyurethanes in sheet form, cast components or spray applications have similar characteristics to rubber and polyethylene, offer wear-resistant performance based on an ability to counter the effects of impact and sliding induced abrasion in both mechanical and hydraulic states of conveyance. 

Despite the positives of using polymers - being lightweight, flexible and relatively easy to apply - it is imperative that all considerations are given to its usage suitability before any recommendation. It is only in the right application that polymers will give a significant payback compared to other more traditional types of protection.

Our range of Polymer materials include Expoxy Resin, UHMWPE Lining, Rubber Lining, Polyurethane Lining and High Density Polyethylene (PE-HD)

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