Industry, engineers and tradesmen alike have long used metallic materials to protect their equipment from the effects of wear. The synergy between the mechanical engineering doctrine that many engineers and plant managers have studied during their careers and the benefits of hard steels has engendered the majority of applications used in industry today.

As with most materials, technology is at the forefront of creating new types of processes to hone the characteristics of metallic materials to achieve continually improving results. Whether improving the method of quenching and tempering hardened steels or blending minerals to achieve a superior cast alloy, materials and process enhancements have improved performance substantially and continue to do so.

Now, materials such as QT plate, work-hardened, ferritic and martensitic alloy’s through to chromium and tungsten carbide plate, play a vital role in prolonging the life of capital plant and equipment. But above all, it is the correct identification and understanding of process criteria that are most important in choosing the right material for the right application in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Our Metallic range of materials includes Chromium Carbide, Ferritic Stainless Steel and Ni Hard Cast.

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