Wear Resistant Systems

Working closely with preferred material partners, Kingfisher offers an unbiased approach to solving the problems experienced when handling bulk solid materials. Despite manufacturers’ many claims to offer the ultimate material in the ‘fight against wear’, success levels vary from extremely good to extremely poor. Sometimes the wear-resistant properties of one material type may be in excess of requirements and conversely, those same properties may under-perform in a different application, putting the material’s suitability in either case under question.

For wear protection, three familiar material groups - ceramicmetallic and polymer - are commonly marketed with all economically-produced materials belonging to one group or another and all playing a part in protecting plant and equipment from plant degradation.

At Kingfisher we offer all three material groups but carefully tailor our solution to each specific problem. In undertaking a full in-depth analysis of the plant’s operational criteria, we will identify a system that is fit-for-purpose to meet the many requirements of the end user. Whether these are driven by budget, operation, safety or other plant criteria, such individual requirements justify our unique approach to solving their inherent problems.

Browsing our materials selection guide gives you a broad perspective of the usage range against the operational criteria of each application.

Wear Resistant Piping Systems