Wear Protection

Capital equipment and its cost are a constant consideration for process engineers. Whether expenditure is for replacement, efficiency improvements or compliance with new H&S or environmental legislation, best practice demands must be designed in from the onset for operational reliability. Incorporating proven protection systems that allow plant operators to concentrate on the core tasks of production such as control, process improvement and planning will eliminate the need for unproductive plant repair and the wider effects of material discharge and contamination.

Process plant used to convey, process or store bulk solid materials in either a dry or hydraulic state suffers from the effects of handling tonnes of  materials that, when moved in large quantities at velocity and in a constant operational cycle, cause premature equipment wear. Installing a suitable protection system at the onset can add many years’ life expectancy that will sometimes outlast the design life of the process completely.

From a range of ceramic, metallic and polymer protection systems,Kingfisher can engineer a specification to cater for the operating criteria, budget and life cycle of either new or existing equipment that could be retrofitted with a protection system to add to its current asset value.