Protecting your investment

From excavation or receipt of bulk solid materials, plant degradation starts and only finishes when either the product leaves the site or the process completes both its primary and waste cleaning functions. Throughout its operation, the effects of handling abrasive materials will have detrimental consequences to the structural integrity of plant and equipment.

Our intention here is to outline for closer examination the in-plant opportunities where constantly rising maintenance and repair costs can be countered with effective protection measures. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive but simply serves to highlight the understanding and experience Kingfisher has to deliver substantial savings to our customers worldwide.

Typical areas of application include: Conveyor drums, Hydrapulpers, Sluiceways, Crushing equipment, Impellers & housings, Underpans, Cyclones, Launders, Unloading equipment, Drying equipment, Loading systems, Transfer chutes, Ductwork, Mixers, Valves, Dust extraction equipment, Mobile plant, Vibrating chutes, Fans & casings, Pneumatic pipelines, Washing drums.