SSC Co-ordinator outlines the benefits of an IMS

Mr Mark Wilson, Kingfisher’s  SSC (Systems, Standards & Compliance) Co-ordinator outlines the benefits the company offers our customer base through the implementation of our Integrated Management System (IMS) when undertaking design, manufacture and installation projects.

Kingfisher’s Sales & Marketing Executive Anita Chumber interviews Mark Wilson through a Q & A process.

Q. Mark can you please explain why we have implemented IMS within Kingfisher?

A. The main reason is that many SME’s are suppliers to large blue chip & plc companies that impose QUENSH requirements on their supply chain. In many cases, these requirements can only be met by implementing a management system and being certified. Also, governments and nationalised industries apply quality, environmental and even sustainability criteria in their purchasing and procurement activities.

Q. What is QUENSH?

A. QUENSH is the system we have implemented within the business which stands for QUality, ENvironmental & SafetyHealth, which caters for our requirements & obligations.

Q. Who are the main beneficiaries from the implementation of this system?

A. Not only does this benefit our business requirements, but also demonstrates to our customers the continued commitment from Kingfisher management to continually drive improvements through the whole of the business.

Q. Do many of our customers understand the importance and recognise what we have Implemented?

A. Our customers are demanding a high standard of service from their supply chain, and with Kingfisher having an Integrated Management System in place having been fully operational for many years demonstrates the high levels of product and service offering that we strive to deliver.

Q.What are the key drivers towards achieving success through implementation?

A. Customer feedback is a key driver in establishing our profile with customers. All feedback is acted upon, and used to further develop / improve our systems, with a view to reduce customer complaints waste and in-efficiencies.

Q. What else is planned with regard to continual improvement?

A. Operational savings are key future improvements. We will meet these through a number of objectives, which will include reductions within our waste management streams, focus on energy usage with positive reduction in our carbon footprint, better use of resources within the business and the continued training and development of all of our employees in-line with our Investors In People (IIP) accreditation, Likewise we are in the process of implementing ISO 3834- 2 (comprehensive) standard which will demonstrate our ability to conform alongside international standards of welding & construction, leading to greater recognition of our manufacturing standards.

Hopefully all of the above actions & plans will enable the business to be leaner and respond faster to customer expectations resulting in a win win situation for all stakeholders concerned.

Our standard Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001 & Health & Safety 18001 policies can be found on our website via the following link

Publish Date: 19/07/13