Kingfisher Re-location

Coinciding with the relocation to our new purpose built facilities, we are intending to host Industry specific open days where engineers can mix with their peers and exchange ideas and thoughts on how to improve the efficiency of their process and most importantly the balance sheet of their operation. Having had the benefit of working in many diverse industries for several years, our knowledge of the various industrial processes is very extensive. To this end we can identify with both good and bad practice that certain industries undertake as an ‘industry standard’.

In order for plant managers and engineers alike to identify with what other industrial users are undertaking as best practice where the benefits far out way the negatives, we believe that sharing these experiences can only be a positive in the challenging times we  all face today.

We intend to send out invites to both existing and potential customers giving details of the date and itinerary, however if for some reason you do not receive your invite and would like to attend then please feel free to contact us for further details..

Publish Date: 10/05/10