Free Wear Protection Clinics

Kingfisher Launches Series of Free Wear Protection Clinics to Help UK Process Markets Reduce Plant Maintenance Costs

Kingfisher Industrial is holding a series of free wear protection clinics to help companies in process markets to achieve more wear life from their plants and benefit from improved ROI. The clinics will demonstrate how to reduce maintenance costs, eliminating the need for constant repair and replacement of plant by adopting proven technologies that combat, abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

Kingfisher, a specialist in wear protection across all types of industries - process, power generation, water treatment, steel, extraction and bulk and materials handling - has calculated that, on average, users of its wear protection systems benefit by a factor of 5 times their initial outlay, with many installations providing wear life of up to 20-years following appropriate wear treatment.

At the clinics, held onsite, at Kingfisher's headquarters, or at third part venues, experts from Kingfisher will access specific wear protection problems brought to them and provide cost effective solutions based upon many year's experience of providing equipment protection in process markets.

"Wear protection is critically under-employed in the UK, and this is resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs and lost production times running into millions of pounds per annum for British bulk handling, extraction and recycling industries," said John Connolly, MD of Kingfisher. "With our free clinics we aim to address this problem, demonstrating to interested companies - on a no obligation basis - solutions that can help them get more from their businesses, by achieving considerable reductions in maintenance costs, leading to improved ROI.

One of the key points that we want to get across at our clinics is that wear protection can be employed at any time in the life of a process system, so users do not have to throw away their existing plant and start again. We also want to educate attendees to our clinics of the subsidiary benefits of wear protection.

As well as protecting against wear and extending plant life, the low friction nature of our wear protection lining material reduces energy usage and increases production, by allowing a greater volume of material to be throughput."

Kingfisher is inviting applications for its wear clinics from all areas of the process sector: solids and bulk, handling, materials handling, agribusiness, animal feeds quarrying, recycling, cement, steel, water and waste treatment, dry bulk cargo, and many more. Companies interested in arranging a clinic should contact John Connolly, Kingfisher Managing Director; Tel: +44 (0) 1384 410777, Email:

About Kingfisher Industrial

Kingfisher Industrial provides wear solutions for process plant used to convey, process or store bulk solid materials, in either dry or hydraulic states. Such plant often suffers premature wear due to handling large quantities of materials at velocity in a constant operational cycle. With its range of ceramic, metallic and polymer protection systems, Kingfisher can overcome wear problems; engineering suitable protection systems that can add many years' of life to a plant, and in some cases outlast the design life of a process completely. These solutions cater for the operating criteria, budget and life cycle of either new equipment - particularly when initially installed - or existing equipment, which can be retrofitted with a protection system to add to its current asset value.

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Publish Date: 04/11/11