Effective protection system for glass recycling plant

Kingfisher provides positive solutions for a large glass recycling plant

Glass recyclers utilising raw cullet from kerbside and MRF plants are most often handling contaminated bulk material, leaving manufacturing plants exposed to high levels of wear and abrasion.

Referring to an issue which occurred at UK’s largest purchaser and recycler of waste glass which is then manufactured into re-usable coloured glass bottles. The overall process includes raw cullet production from kerbside and MRF plants, once material’s collected it then undergoes a number of different transfer points such as conveyors used to transport raw material to different manufacturing points including pre-processing, drying, vacuum, contamination and camera based sorting technology.

Process begins with the waste glass being crushed and contaminants are sorted, the material is then transported to the cullet silos which feed into the melting process. Ensuring there is continuous supply of material fed into the melting furnace, as a reliable level of material is required within the silo.

Due to the characteristics, velocity and the capacity at which the material is being conveyed at, the internal surfaces had been enduring high levels of friction and impact abrasion, causing the structure of the cone to perforate and wear away. Following a site visit carried out by Kingfisher’s area business manager, the customer had been carrying out ongoing unplanned maintenance repairs to the cone, as the continuous sliding and impact abrasion caused by the sharp edged fragments had caused the structural cone to perforate, leaving parts of the silo with holes and excessive material spillages.

Mark Bond, Kingfisher’s Project Manager stated “ Following an extensive site visit carried out by both our sales and production team, it was concluded that the maintenance engineer required a replacement silo cone with an added protection system which would increase the life expectancy of the equipment and prevent future ad-hoc repairs increased maintenance costs ”

Kingfisher manufactured a new silo cone from 6mm mild steel lined with their K-ALOX 92p ceramic lining system, an ideal protection system which works against the harshest material characteristics and increased levels of impact abrasion.

Publish Date: 04/12/14