4,000,000 tons and no sign of wear!

Kingfisher specialise in the protection of process plant and equipment.

A bulk material import terminal based in the UK suffered from premature equipment failure on an unloading and conveying system

The system was initially protected with Chrome Carbide hard faced weld deposit overlay, which achieved a minimal service life of 9 to 12 months.

Kingfisher – Industrial, designed, manufactured and installed a replacement system using K-ALOX, a High Alumina Ceramic lining system with an excellent rating for resistance to all forms of abrasion and plays a vital part in protecting plant when bulk solids or by-products are conveyed or processed by mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic means.

Sub Bituminous Coal with lumps up to 100mm and a bulk density 0f 0.80 tpcm is conveyed at 5500TPH with peak though-puts of up to 1,000,000 tons per month.

Fig 1 indicates the significant wear on the impact baffle lined with the Chrome Carbide Hard faced Weld deposit overlay.

Fig 2 is the impact baffle lined with K-ALOX with now indication of wear present after a through-put in excess of 4,000,000 tons.

The material conveying system lined with K-ALOX has a rating of 9 on the MOHS hardness scale and able to with stand operating temperatures in excess of 1000 deg. C.

K-ALOX is ideally suited to counter both impact and sliding abrasion and erosion within pipes, cyclones, chutes, mixers, mills, separators and conveying systems and many others applications within the bulk solids handling industrial.

Failures started to occur four years ago and Kingfisher – Industrial started installing replacement systems in various areas as equipment failures occurred.

The replacement project was more responsive to areas of plant failure, however as the client has seen the benefit of using K-ALOX, all wear areas have now been prioritized and the installation of wear protect systems provided by Kingfisher – Industrial continues.

The proven system was designed and installed by our own trained site engineers and offers a minimum of 10 years service without the need for any interim maintenance.

In offering a solution driven concept to counter the effects of handling and processing bulk solid material and by utilising our expertise in the design, manufacture, protection and installation of process plant and equipment, we add a significant return on investment achieving stakeholder satisfaction. With ever increasing performance targets on efficiency, safety and environmental compliance, it is imperative that plant operators and engineers utilise best practice in ensuring these aims are achieved. Working with strategically chosen partners, we offer a complete range of technically advanced materials to maximize the potential benefits of implementing industry proven system enhancements….a full turnkey solution.

New Premises – In October 2008 Kingfisher Industrial moved to a new purpose built 35,000 cu/ft factory in the West Midlands. Industry related seminar days are planned for 2010, including a tour of our new facilities. If you would like to attend then please send an email to

Publish Date: 22/08/10