As with typical manufacturing plants, the glass industry involves a range of procedures, equipment, materials and most importantly, technicians. The key to maintaining optimum control of process quality and productivity is the elimination of any process variation of these requirements. Proven technology from within the industry or implemented by OEM’s is continually evolving and improving quality control and productivity, hence dependency on automation is of paramount importance. To this end, the availability of plant and equipment to be able to maintain operational availability is key to the success of the process.

In the production of glass, the raw minerals and glass cullet used to prepare the batch are both aggressive in terms of their inherent hardness characteristics and the quantities and velocities they are conveyed at. Equipment used to handle these materials suffer from extreme abrasion and as many of the parts are situated either before or directly after the glass tank, then failure to perform could result in unexpected downtime.

Production runs depend on continuity, and unexpected downtime is costly both in terms of time and money, therefore the integrity of plant and equipment to cater for the harsh conditions they are subjected to, sit high on the list priorities. Having serviced the glass industry for many years, Kingfisher have had significant success in undertaking a combination of the design, manufacture and protection of  material handling equipment used to convey both the materials used to prepare the batch and likewise the transportation and recycling of glass cullet via the glob chutes and conveyors. Drawing on past achievements we feel confident that we can add value to the plant and equipment used within your plant and process.