Wear resistant systems for recycling OEM

Kingfisher have worked extensively within the recycling industry, alongside original equipment manufacturers. Assisting them provide the ultimate system which meets end-user‘s criteria, which now also quite frequently outlines equipment such as ductwork, screw conveyors, transfer chutes and other bulk handling systems to be of supreme quality, provide the added benefit and ROI.

Not only that, end users request for process equipment to last longer than 3-6 months of the plant being operational and this is where Kingfisher get involved. Their tried and tested lining systems can help equipment last 5-10 times longer vs an unlined system.  One recent project supplied to a well known overseas OEM supplying waste separation equipment for end- users handling abrasive recycled material.

Kingfisher were recently awarded the project to manufacture a full duct-work system to handle highly contaminated recycled material for a Material Recycling Facility (MRF), due to high levels of contaminated waste material being conveyed through the duct-work system and after reviewing the operational process, Kingfisher advised the customer to install its K-ALOX Wear Resistant Ceramic lining system. 

Publish Date: 22/02/18